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Change FOV on user viewport

Post by Draise » 01 Nov 2017, 21:55

How do I change the FOV in the user viewport? What preference, setting, options are there? Is there a way to do this? Or do I have a fixed FOV? Am I doomed to use a camera all the time to model around in?

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Re: Change FOV on user viewport

Post by mc_axe » 01 Nov 2017, 22:47

You are not doomed heh :). In the user view press the camera icon and go to properties, fov is adjustable (like any other perspective camera), user camera is not completely othographic by default (there is an option for orthographic). Btw I lost the shortcut to the pan and zoom tool to change FOV angle in the viewport directly, im preety sur is mapped to Z in the default keymap. You can also use the memo (slots next to camera icon) to save your settings (middle click) and click to quickly switch between your presets.

Thats the one way of doing it, I usualy do all modeling with a perspective camera and i use isometric cams top right etc, or i roll with the cube, only when i need to add edges that are parallel to an axis or when i need to make selecions in a simmilar fashion. So i rarelly use user cam :\