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Mesh Paint v0.95Author: Piotrek Marczak
Updated September 2012 with straight/curved line drawing. Mesh Paint lets you paint meshes or mesh instances interactively on the surface of another mesh. Not only for placing rows of bolts but with every thinkable placement option like follow stroke, stack clones, adjustable spacing, delete overlapping, alignment, randomization, size falloff and mouse position interpolation (for evenly-spaced placement even when painting quickly).

To-be-placed objects are organized in a list with the option of randomizing though the list, or cycling through the list while painting. There's also a »drop« mode for placing indivdual objects more precisely (like a simpler version of Piotrek's QuickPrimive tool).

For more information, visit the si-community thread linked below. Videos available: Introduction, and added features in v0.91 & v0.93. The roses in the thumbnail have been created with a combination of follow stroke/stack clones/ramp scale, moving the mouse around in little circles. For regular spaced placement like the zipper in the thumbnail, turn off the »delete overlapping« option. Source code available here (Check the thread for a newer version of this, too).

local backup: meshpaint_095.xsiaddon

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Re: mesh paint

Post by RoN43 » 24 Nov 2014, 12:29

How I can paint primitives the same scale like a MMB of Quick primiteves plugin?

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Re: mesh paint

Post by Draise » 27 Jan 2016, 21:31

I'm realtively quite slow to getting onboard, seems the train has left the station for SI today already!

But what an awesome addon. Thanks for this.