Mindthink tools unearthed

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Mindthink tools unearthed

Post by rray » 15 Jun 2011, 23:39

Spotted during an old-CD-collection cleaning. Upped on (freshly updated) rray.de

Don't know how much of them are still functional. The popup (MTpop) is only for 32 bit so they would have to be invoked directly or using a toolbar.

The addon contains the following scripts:

angleSelectorXSI, apply solidify, apply_bezier, apply_extrudeVBS, apply_formula, apply_lsys2curve, apply_lsys2mesh, apply_magnetXSI, apply_patch, apply_ringmagnetXSI, apply_wave_operator, array, atomicXSI, curveoffsetXSI, cutter_v2, edgeangleXSI, edgecreate, edgerowXSI, extrudealongnormal, greeble, insetxsi, looseXSI, meshcopypaste_c, meshcopypaste_v, outline, PatternSelectorXSI, planarxsi, scatterXSI, select_similar, selectconnectedXSI, selectpervector, SelInterSectEdgesXSI, SelInterSectPointsXSI, SelInterSectPoliesXSI, SpherisizeXSI, spintoquad, subdivideXSI, vertexsplit, weld

Version 1.0 and 2.01 available

Also found on the same CD: Helge's "Virtual Mirror" and the solidify2 source code.


It appears they were never really lost, AceMastermind had them uploaded as well, along with some other tools here: http://cid-d72cbadfda0843b7.office.live ... e.aspx/XSI
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