Aiding BendOp. pb_BendWithRadius

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pb_BendWithRadiusAuthor: Pedro Alpiarça dos Santos
This compound wires into the factory Bend Op and uses the angle value to drive the radius in a way so the deform always goes along the whole length of the object- similar to 3DSMax's bend deformer. Demonstrated here.

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local backup: pb_BendWithRadius.xsicompound

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Aiding BendOp. pb_BendWithRadius

Post by probiner » 15 Apr 2014, 04:18

Rigging a character with BendOp, I've noticed that unlke other packages, Softimage Bend's Angle is not tied with Radius.
I like it that way, but for this task I needed it to be tied. Here's a fix with ICE.

The attached compound is a very simplistic implementation that will need tweaking to work in situations different than the video. It is thought to just point out the name of the operator, like "cube.polymesh.bendop" into the BendOp_Name input, and use the Angle in the BendOp to animate the deform.


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Re: Aiding BendOp. pb_BendWithRadius

Post by FXDude » 15 Apr 2014, 07:38

Hum! This is great and very well explained (since I understood .. I think ;) )
Thanks for that insight!

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Re: Aiding BendOp. pb_BendWithRadius

Post by Bullit » 15 Apr 2014, 13:18

Thanks :)