who are you? huh

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who are you? huh

Post by dagor » 06 Jun 2009, 13:48

Don`t you want introduce yourself?
Where are you from, where do you work, what software do you use and so on :)
It`s an international community and i`m realy interesting to know some personality instead of nickname :)

I start with myself
My name is Danil, i`m from Russia, snowy Siberia, Novosibirsl city.
I work as 3d artist at design studio papshevstudio my main focus is interior rendering for architects and designers and objects environment creation for advertising posters (outdoor and magazins)
I`ve do 3d for 7years but only for 5years do it for money :) . Also i work as freelancer in my spare time.
i use softimage xsi, 3ds max, Maya (modeling only), vray, mental ray, 3dlight (not very often), photoshop, digital fusion.
Also i`m an administrator of russian xsi community softimage.ru
My website

my skype is dagor3d :)
we have small chat in skype for russian community, it`s fun :) perhaps we can make same chat here.

hope this thread will be intresting

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Re: who are you? huh

Post by owei » 06 Jun 2009, 21:24

...good point..! I´ll post somthing the next days..as this hole thing runs "ok" ;)

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Re: who are you? huh

Post by farhaad_yousefi » 08 Jun 2009, 23:22

i want it badly..but wouldn't dare before pro's :-

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Re: who are you? huh

Post by Pepino78 » 09 Jun 2009, 07:46


My name is Frederik Sulser, I'm from Switzerland (Zurich at the moment, but originally from Basel) and I'm gonna finish my PHD in Physics end of this year.
Movies were always a big part of my live, and at some point I didn't only wanna watch them but also start producing my own movies. It actually started out 10 years ago, when some friends of me and I made a fun movie about the live of our friend who married a japanese girl in Japan. The quality of course was very bad, but the movie was a huge success, people at the wedding loved it, and from there on I started to improve my filming, editing, producing soundtracks, and then during the time of my PHD I also started working with XSI for some of my movies - and of course I loved it from the beginning :x (and now with ICE even more ;-)).
But of course I also still film with my Sony EX1 Full HD cam with the nice Letus Extreme adapter to have some nice depth of field effects, and cut movies on my Avid Media composer 3 Mojo DX.
Half a year ago I also founded my own little company: SulserFilmProdx - http://www.sfprodx.ch (My animated company logo (which you find on the website) is by the way done with the help oliver w. good friend's software: emfluid2 and emrenderpointcloud)

At the moment unfortunately only the CD/DVD copy and print part of the company is active, as I'm very busy with my PHD, but this will finally change once I'm done...
Starting in the beginning of 2010 I want to start to work professionally in either an advertisment or in a filmproduction company. This august I'll also go to visit a friend who works in previz in hollywood, to see how things work there ;-)
I really hope this works all out, as for me this would be a dream to make a living out of my time consuming hobby :-bd

Ok hope lot's of you introduce themselfs here too..
It's always interesting who is working and or having fun with XSI...

cheers :D

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Re: who are you? huh

Post by owei » 09 Jun 2009, 08:27

Hi there..!

So, I want to leave some words about me at this place ;)

My name is Oliver Weingarten, born 1970. Im busy with computers and computergraphics since I got my first homecomputer back in 1981, the famous vc20...followed by c64, several ataris and amigas, until finally back in 1994 the first PC.
Since the age of 13 years I was facinated by the strength of artificial 3D realities. Their creative and technical aspects cought my eye and I tried to get something going on my homecomputer ;)
During that jouthtime I programmed with some friends svereal computergames. Finally we sold one, but it never came out though :((
After finishing school my interest for computergraphics was still high, but as there was no specific school in germany at that time where you could have learned somtheing like 3D graphics and animation, I went in the creative/educative direction with studying art and german language.
After I finished my exam I decided to bring my hobby to my profession..and here I am..that´s been back in 97. Since then I´m working as 3d freelancer with softimage...also running my own little firm that mostly consists of me and myself ;)

When I first met SOFTIMAGE|3D in 1997 I fell in love with it from the first second. It fully worked the way I was thinking...that´s why I´m a softimage customer..never the less, the developments of the last month don´t make me that optimistic in concerning the future, if you know what I mean. Therefore, not at least, I decided to build up this platform.. ;)

Thats it for now..!


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Re: who are you? huh

Post by crude » 09 Jun 2009, 09:33

owei wrote:..fully worked the way I was thinking...
yeah, thats the point why i never want to change from softimage. so long they stay on the market :-s