ice muscle r&d

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ice muscle r&d

Post by anhungxadieu » 12 Mar 2016, 05:43

this topic relate to some muscle research i'm doing so far some inspire from here

I also like Clovis method and also think about this before, but soon i found it too static and still not have zigle there, and i also do some morph word ... so i'm finding another solution. Now this is what i have so far, it's more relate to Paul method

Regarding to my method i use 2 bone ik have been driven by ice i'm still not test it with more muscle so i don't know how much performance it is, because it driven by ice so later i thing i can easy to add some ziggle to it
this is just a simple testing regarding some muscle r&d

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Re: ice muscle r&d

Post by Hirazi Blue » 12 Mar 2016, 11:04

I assume you are aware of the "VorleX Muscle System 2.01 PRO" kosyan presented here some time ago.
Haven't tried this myself though, I hasten to add...