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Need: XSI Animators for Cinematic VR project

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 11:23
by NOZON_kvds
I'm Koen, producer @ NOZON 3D/Vfx Brussels - a Subsidary of the STARBREEZE Group (Games: Payday, Dead by daylight, RAID WWII)
and I'm currently looking for Paris- or Brussels-based Xsi animators to work on a Cinematic VR movie.
(It's with Robots fighting Robots - so pretty cool)
We start with the assets from a movie that was done in 3D with 2D output, and want to re-open the 3D to render
it in our Presenz-VR format, so we'll have to retouch the original mo-cap. footage, clean the animation,
and re-do the animation for the parts that were outside of the original frame (2D).
I need 1 animator to join the team as soon as possible to check the existing materials, and this person will remain LEAD
Animation under our Supervisor untill the end of the project which is foreseen mid-end November 2017.
From the 10th of September 2017 we would need 3 to 4 more Animators to work on the separate scenes.
If interested, please send your reel to and (HR & Producer).
our website(s):
Looking forward to meeting you!
Kind regards,

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