Standalone SI help please

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Standalone SI help please

Post by dafrek » 07 Feb 2018, 02:36

Hello, First, sorry for my english...
I've been away from 3D for a couple of years, because of life,
And now I'm completely lost learning that SI is... dead?

I still could run this trial version/stand alone of SI 2015 that I got as a student and never used it (in late 2014)
I don't know what would happen if I activate it? I had the 2014 version activated, so now it's expired, but since that 2015 version is in trial version, does that mean I still can use my student license on it? and then what next?
At that time, I knew they were not going to develop SI in the future, but never knew the access to it would be totally unavailable...

Is there any way to keep working with Softimaget?

All my demo reel is based on Softimage, it is at least 2 years of work...
Please tell me there is a way to keep using Softimage, or to have a full access to my work otherwise? I used a lot of Softimage specific stuffs (shape animations in particular, vertex toon shading...)

please help...
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Re: Standalone SI help please

Post by luchifer » 07 Feb 2018, 12:58

Im gonna cross a huge line here but..
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Re: Standalone SI help please

Post by Rork » 07 Feb 2018, 14:38

Maybe someone can help you out converting it to FBX or alike, so you can pick it up in say Blender?
(re)using Softimage right now may not be the best way of starting in 3D again....

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Re: Standalone SI help please

Post by luceric » 09 Feb 2018, 17:14

well if you don't active it, it will definitely stop working, so why not activate it?
I think the education licenses of softimage are still available. Autodesk edu support would know.
but yes, it's a ticking time bomb. Every year renewal can be the last one.