Unbiased RT Pathtracer - Coding tutorial (LWJGL + Java)

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Unbiased RT Pathtracer - Coding tutorial (LWJGL + Java)

Post by mc_axe » 27 Nov 2017, 03:31

KaiHH from the LWJGL forum, started recently a tutorial on unbiased realtime pathtracers writen with java and lwjgl.
He makes use of an importance based sampling technique (that improoves speed), and an nVidia Filter, enchanced somehow for real time noise removal of the final frame.
http://www.java-gaming.org/topics/what- ... #msg367370
Tutorial 1 introduces the LWJGL3 and compute shader setup for very simple primary ray raytracing to intersect with geometry
Tutorial 2 adds unbiased Monte Carlo integration of lambertian/diffuse BRDFs
Tutorial 3 adds unbiased importance sampling of diffuse and specular BRDF components to highlight the "importance" of importance sampling for BRDFs which have strong features in certain directions, such as Phong
Tutorial 4 will add "multiple importance" sampling for efficiently sampling (small) light sources
Now i barelly understand any code, but ill let that thing here cause i think is preety interesting stuff.

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