Animated Horse

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Animated Horse

Post by Bullit » 03 Apr 2014, 02:43

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The author wrote this:
Horse Base Mesh

Loosely based on an Arabian Horse, this Base Mesh Model was created and generously donated by Siddhartha Ahearne.

Created in ZBrush 4R6 (compatible with R5), this download contains 1 x .OBJ and 1 x .ZTL file with 2 Horse Models contained within it. Each horse has slightly different topology and is made up of x 5 Subdivision levels.

In addition, this download contains a bonus Softimage Horse Rig from and a bonus Displacement Map making it a perfect starting point for enhancing your character or creating a prop for your live or still scene.

For more information regarding Siddhartha Ahearne, please visit his website: