Softimage Camera Rig - free!

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Softimage Camera Rig - free!

Post by Draise » 21 Jul 2016, 06:48

Softimage Camera Rig - free!
I decided to build a camera rig based off a similar rig I found for Blender.

Now.. Well, it's good enough for the project I'm working on for now.


FK 2 joint crane
Look At
DOF and Parallax controls (that can then hook up to your DOF lense shader in ICE - with a Bokeh used as an example)
A Geometry Axis for Camera animation plotting for FBX (specifically for Blender, as cameras from SI to Blender get the Axis all wrong - hidden atm)

It's not finished and doesn't have any IK. The ICE for the DOF controls may need to be expanded for the different types of DOF shaders? A quick tutorial? FBX ready?

I am sure you all have a similar rig, how do you do yours?


Added transform limits.
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Re: Softimage Camera Rig - free!

Post by mc_axe » 26 Jul 2016, 14:38

I dont have any ! Looks promising thx for share!