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XSIMOD preview theme is out for Blender 2.9 - 2.8!

Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 08:17
by sirdavid32
All right team, XSIMOD sneak peak is out! And also the video training series to Change Blender´s UI. Because all people I know, customize what they use everyday. Why not customize your 3D software? No need to fear coding, with these video training series you will be able to change Blender´s UI from the core. With Blender 2.8 around the corner, the developers want icons! More details on

Once you get the download the instalation for the theme is pretty self explanatory:

* Open Blender´s user preferences (CTRL+ALT+U)

* Go to the THEME tab

* On the lower part of the window find and select "INSTALL THEME"

* Point to "XSIMOD_v1-2.xml"

* The interface should change to a color scheme similar to Softimage.


Place the XSIMOD_v1-2.xml file inside:
C:\Users\YOURMACHINE\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\presets\interface_theme

Now open your User prefs, select the "PRESET" drop down button to the left side of the window in the
THEME tab. Select "XSIMOD_v1-2"

***** VERSION 1.2 Log ***********
All values correspond to Softimage UI. Values in Blender are divided by 256 and they
somehow appear pale.

UV window, selection and highlight island/faces are similar to Softimage UV editor.

Nodes for shaders were all colored green regardless of the operation. The only orange colored ones
(in Softimage only shader output was orange), were images, shader and vector.

Timeline caching is still an issue because it´s hardwired colors.
Cloth, Particles, Collisions can´t change the cached color (identifiable by an underbar
on the timeline window).

* Probably on the FriedShrimp scene you would get some of the functions and shortcuts assigned in that
scene. This is just a pre-release since there´s still much work in finishing this theme, including menus,
selection methods and more.


Re: XSIMOD preview theme is out for Blender 2.9 - 2.8!

Posted: 22 Jan 2018, 17:28
by Draise
Nice one, will try it out.

Just out of curiosity, Bforartists has put in a huge amount of icons already into the Blender source.

But also to say, I'm looking forward to the tutorial series - though.. it's like $50?

Re: XSIMOD preview theme is out for Blender 2.9 - 2.8!

Posted: 22 Jan 2018, 19:03
by sirdavid32
Yes, very deep coding stuff. There will be a discount later for an addon module to this download package. Hey, there's a java custom parser included and more.