Smoothing out motion

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Smoothing out motion

Post by minilogoguy18 » 14 Aug 2017, 20:23

I did some googling without much help and smoothing the fcurve in the animation editor didn't do much. I have a character that is swinging a lightsaber in a diagonal motion and I get some odd "wiggle" in the wrist rather than a smooth diagonal swipe. There are only 3 keys across 20 frames. Is there some way to smooth this out?

LMK if a video or something would better help explain, didn't take one just yet since I don't have camtasia installed atm.

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Re: Smoothing out motion

Post by Draise » 14 Aug 2017, 21:05

OBS Multiplatform screen recorder is probably the best free one out there. Has great framerates.

Concerning.. rotation, sometimes switching out your bezier keys for linear keys to see at what point the axis is wobbling, maybe you can fix it with more linear keys, then bake them, smooth them out, then simplify.

The axis is probably flipping from 360 to 0 again but through a curve instead of a stepped key switch.

Rotation is a bit of a pain... sometimes animating in quaternian is better than euler for those wobbles.

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Re: Smoothing out motion

Post by myara » 18 Aug 2017, 09:24

I'm not sure what is the problem, but if you want to make the wrist movement smooth no matter what movement the arm is doing, then you could constrain the wrist rotation to a separated controller that isn't under the arm controllers, so it won't be affected by the movement of the arm.
And, I wouldn't do it but you could use global animation for the wrist too.
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Re: Smoothing out motion

Post by Glassford » 23 May 2018, 17:16

Why would you avoid global animation for the wrist, Myara? I'm a beginner and I'm just curious.